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Breweries and Distilleries in Vero Beach

Unveiling Vero Beach's exquisite craft beer and spirits scene

Welcome to Vero Beach, a hidden gem on Florida's gorgeous East Coast, where pristine beaches, exquisite dining, and vibrant entertainment experiences await. Beyond its stunning natural beauty and luxurious real estate, Vero Beach boasts a thriving craft beer and spirits scene that entices connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Join us as we explore the finest breweries and distilleries that make Vero Beach a must-visit destination for those seeking refined indulgence.

American Icon Brewery: A taste of American craftsmanship

Step into the world of American Icon Brewery, where American heritage and exceptional craftsmanship merge to create an unforgettable experience in a historically rich, restored building. Located in downtown Vero Beach, this top-tier brewery encapsulates the essence of luxury and indulgence with exceptional craft beers and great food on the menu.

American Icon Brewery's commitment to quality is evident in every sip of their award-winning beers. Whether you're a fan of classic lagers, hop-forward IPAs, or rich stouts, their extensive selection caters to all palates. Pair your beverage with their delectable menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, and you're in for a true culinary delight. Indulge in their mouthwatering dishes, carefully crafted to complement the flavors of their beers.


Walking Tree Brewery: Craftsmanship meets sustainability

As you venture further into Vero Beach's craft beer scene, a visit to the rustically charming Walking Tree Brewery is an absolute must. This unique establishment not only excels in brewing fantastic beers but also champions sustainability and community involvement. The award-winning selections here are sure not to disappoint, from the straw hat blonde ale to the sassy flamingo cherry sour.

Walking Tree Brewery's commitment to sustainability extends to their brewing practices. They prioritize using locally sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly production methods, ensuring that every sip of their beer is a testament to their dedication to the environment. From their refreshing ales to their innovative seasonal brews, Walking Tree Brewery offers an array of flavors that will captivate the senses.


Sailfish Brewery: Nautical-inspired elegance

Prepare to set sail on a journey at Sailfish Brewery, where nautical-inspired elegance meets exceptional craft beer. Situated in the heart of Vero Beach on Ocean Drive and just steps from the beach, this brewery is a haven for those seeking a refined taste of Vero Beach's vibrant coastal lifestyle.

Sailfish Brewery prides itself on their commitment to innovation and quality, evident in their diverse range of brews. From crisp and refreshing pilsners to bold and adventurous ales on tap, each sip offers a blend of flavors that reflect the maritime spirit of Vero Beach. Embrace the dining experience with a rotation of seasonal menus as you sample their thoughtfully crafted beers, a testament to the brewery's dedication to both artistry and authenticity.


21st Amendment Distillery: An ode to craft cocktails

For those with a refined taste for spirits, 21st Amendment provides a sanctuary of exceptional craft cocktails in the heart of downtown Vero Beach. Step into this elegant establishment, where luxurious décor, intimate seating, and an extensive menu of handcrafted libations create an enchanting atmosphere. Newly opened in spring 2023, this distillery is sure to become a local fixture for years to come.

At 21st Amendment, the art of mixology is celebrated through their exquisite cocktails. Their skilled bartenders expertly blend premium spirits with locally sourced ingredients, resulting in creations that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing. From classic cocktails with a modern twist to signature concoctions inspired by Vero Beach's coastal allure, 21st Amendment delivers a sophisticated experience that will leave you craving more.


A Team You Can Trust

Vero Beach's brewery and distillery scene offers an enchanting journey into the world of craft beer and spirits, elevating the luxury experience the Anne & Dan Team can provide for their clients. Whether you're a beer aficionado seeking exceptional brews or a spirits enthusiast in search of outstanding libations, these establishments are sure to capture your attention. Embark on a tasteful adventure in Vero Beach, where luxury living intertwines with a vibrant craft beverage culture. Cheers to the delights that await in this coastal paradise.

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Anne and Dan are a true team. They split the behind-the-scenes work, but both are responsible to each and every client. Knowing the advantage they provide in being able to give both the male and female perspective, they make a point of listing and showing each Vero Beach home together, whenever possible.