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Why Choose Vero Beach?

Sandy shores, uncrowded beaches, and laid-back luxury.

Vero Beach belongs to Florida’s Treasure Coast, named after a sunken Spanish fleet and world-famous for its sandy beaches, sparkling shoreline, and abundance of outdoor recreation. However, in many ways, Vero Beach transcends the Treasure Coast. Situated between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the prolific Indian River, this community straddles a fine line between modern luxury amenities and timeless natural beauty. It’s an oft-overlooked place shared and beloved by itinerant birdwatchers, business CEO’s, vacationing families — just about anyone!  
Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell waterfront property, look to Vero Beach’s Anne & Dan Team. They know it takes insider knowledge and local expertise to succeed in such a niche market. Clients call them the foremost experts in oceanfront and riverfront real estate in Vero Beach.
Read on to learn more about life in Vero Beach, how oceanfront and riverfront properties differ, and why Anne and Dan will help you make your next move.


A life lived on the shores of Florida is one of luxury and, particularly in Vero Beach, serenity. In this coastal community southeast of Orlando, you’re a little more than 75 miles north of Palm Beach. If Miami is characterized by nightclubs, Vero Beach would be a charming bed and breakfast. You should live here if you value a community renowned for its hospitality. Residents live outdoorsy lifestyles and prioritize the sanctity of the Indian River, Riomar Reef, and all the surrounding natural environment. The area is beautifully simple, and institutions like the local country clubs, museum, and theaters exude a quiet sophistication. No wonder more and more visitors are falling in love with life in Vero Beach and deciding to live here permanently.

Out and About

On the mainland of Vero Beach, there’s Schacht Groves, an operational fourth-generation citrus farm that still operates and offers tours. That’s just one example of the many family owned and operated businesses in Vero Beach. New generations tend to return just like Anne and Dan!
In Riomar, (a portmanteau of the Spanish words rio (river) and mar (sea)), you’ll find the Riomar Country Club, a golf-and-beach establishment founded in 1919. And in the heart of Vero Beach, McKee Botanical Garden, once home to chimpanzees, serves as a microcosm of the labyrinthine, intertwined ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River.
Being situated on both the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, Vero Beach boasts more waterfront activities than one could ever count. When you’re done lounging on the beach, you can explore the region via kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard. Boat-owners water ski, parasail, fish, and moor at their docks. You often see families tubing and wakeboarding. Fishers drop bait in the Indian River, one of the most ecologically diverse estuaries in North America, hoping to catch snook, tarpon, redfish, sea trout, and many other native species. Nature-watching is another favorite pastime — birders prefer Pelican Island, a National Wildlife Refuge designated as such by Theodore Roosevelt. Since before the Spanish arrived in search of riches, more than one-fourth of the world’s sea turtles have nested in Vero and surrounding beaches. The clear, turquoise seas of the Atlantic host sea turtles, manatees, and otters, while pelicans swoop down to the beach.

Atlantic Ocean Vs. Indian River

The Vero Beach community offers many options for waterfront living, none more unique than the houses in Riomar, a neighborhood bordering the Atlantic Ocean with the Riomar Bay neighborhood across Hwy A1A on the Indian River. Residents on both waterfronts enjoy golf, fishing, and boating, though the latter two activities differ in key respects.
Eastward-facing homes look out to the endless green-blue of the Atlantic Ocean; these beachside properties are ideal for classic beach activities like swimming, building sandcastles, walking the shoreline, and watching the sunrise. Besides those family-friendly traditions, the coast is also a great spot for deep-sea fishing, riding high-speed watercraft, sailboating, and drinking cocktails under an umbrella. Between the mainland and the barrier island lies a calmer body of water: the Indian River. In contrast to the ocean, the slow-moving river has a strict speed limit for watercraft, which helps preserve the river’s natural life, which includes megafauna like dolphins or manatees and other aquatic microfauna.
In keeping with Vero Beach’s “sunrises, not high-rises,” Indian River County maintains an ordinance restricting large commercial or residential structures. Which in turn produces less traffic congestion and lower density. This is one of the most special attributes of Vero Beach. Homes in Vero Beach are varied architecturally including West Indies, Anglo-Caribbean, and Georgian styles. Several roads are unpaved in neighborhoods where you’ll see many residents getting around on golf carts. Kids and grandkids love this feature!

A Team You Can Trust

Like its natural environment, the real estate of Vero Beach varies from one home to the next. If you’re buying or selling a home on the water, reach out to the Anne & Dan Team. They’re the Vero Beach waterfront experts, with 30 years of combined experience, and their family has called Vero Beach home for generations.
Reach out to Anne and Dan today! They would love to chat with you about Vero’s real estate market. They’ll be more than happy to join you on your next step toward or away from Vero Beach.

Work With Us

Anne and Dan are a true team. They split the behind-the-scenes work, but both are responsible to each and every client. Knowing the advantage they provide in being able to give both the male and female perspective, they make a point of listing and showing each Vero Beach home together, whenever possible.