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7 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Vero Beach Home

With its soft white sands, gorgeous sunsets over the waterfront, cute boutique shops and seafood spots, and stunning properties along the coastline, Vero Beach has so much to offer. When it’s time to sell your beloved piece of Vero Beach real estate, it should be no surprise that your home is in high demand. It’s likely that several buyers will place competing bids in the hopes of winning your gorgeous property.
So, when it comes time to sell your luxurious resort property, whether it’s served you well as a vacation home or second home getaway, you want to make sure you’re getting offers that reflect its high value. By working hard and finding the right Vero Beach real estate specialists to have on your team, you can maximize the interest in your property to get the highest offers possible. Here are seven simple tips to keep in mind when preparing your Vero Beach home for sale.

1. Pre-listing inspection

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Hiring a professional inspector to conduct a pre-listing inspection is a great way to get ahead of any potential issues or repair concerns, which would ultimately be uncovered when the buyer performs their own inspection. The inspector will provide you with an inspection report detailing any areas that need attention, so you’ll be well-equipped to tackle those areas before listing. You’ll then be able to include details of these repairs in your listing, giving buyers confidence that your property has been well-maintained.
Before starting any major projects, talk to your Vero Beach real estate agent for guidance as to whether the investment will be worth the return. Typically, however, cosmetic fixes will be your main focus prior to selling.

2. Make cosmetic touch-ups

First impressions matter when you are selling a home. Prospective buyers who are viewing your property, whether virtually or in person, will notice minor flaws that likely would have been inexpensive for you to fix. In particular, you will want to make sure your home’s paint is in great condition and that there are no visible stains, cracks, or evidence of wear on the walls and trim.
While you are attending to the inside of your home, be sure to keep up with the exterior as well. Make any necessary repairs to the outdoor siding, doors, windows, gutters, and trim. Also, be sure to keep your lawn neatly cut and make any necessary landscaping adjustments to give your home a boost of curb appeal.

3. Put effort into staging

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Real estate buyers can do a lot to customize the design of a home and make it their very own after they move in. In a perfect world, buyers would make a logical and calculated decision based on the features and architectural elements of your property, regardless of its appearance. In the real world, however, subjective impressions make a huge difference.
In order to be interested in buying your home, buyers must be able to visualize what it would be like to live there. Stage your home to be neat and inviting, so that prospective buyers can see themselves in it. Your Vero Beach real estate agent can advise you on staging and connect you with a professional stager if you need some inspiration.

4. Make your listing photos impressive

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These days, a lot of real estate shopping takes place online. To get noticed in today’s internet-based real estate market, you will need top-notch, alluring photos to display the beauty of your Vero Beach real estate.
Anne and Dan go above and beyond. They not only will hire a professional photographer to promote your listing and compete in today’s market, they also believe that it is important to include a floor plan, 3D photography and virtual tour. Before the shoot, Anne and Dan will provide tips on getting your home photo shoot ready. They will attend and confer with the photographer for optimal photos…making your home as gorgeous as possible!

5. Keep everything clean

Neatness and cleanliness will make a great first impression on buyers. Before staging your home, you should thoroughly deep clean it. After that, the challenge is to keep it clean. If you are still living in the home during the process of showing it, consider getting a weekly or monthly professional cleaning in order to keep everything in good shape.
If you have pets, keep in mind that some prospective buyers may be sensitive to pet odors and dander. If you can keep your pets elsewhere during showings, this will be to your advantage.

6. List your home at the right time

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When selling real estate, timing isn’t everything, but it’s definitely still an important factor. People are always looking to buy homes, whether they are looking for a second residence, a source of rental income, or some other form of investment. However, the real estate market definitely fluctuates.
In general, people tend to move in the spring and summer months, so this is a popular time to list homes. However, in a place like Vero Beach, which has a heavenly climate year-round, we find the most active season begins in January. There are, however, also ups and downs in the real estate market due to macroeconomic factors. During times when the real estate market is hot and competitive, with lower inventory and rising prices, you will be able to maximize the number of offers on your Vero Beach real estate.

7. Work with an expert local Vero Beach real estate agent

The best way to get a home sold quickly and efficiently is to work with a professional who knows your local market. An agent is a valuable resource for maximizing the offers that your home receives.
Anne Downey Wallace and Dan Downey are expert Vero Beach Realtors® who can help you to find qualified buyers, get great offers, and close the deal on your Vero Beach real estate. Anne & Dan have sold numerous homes in the Vero Beach area and have been highly esteemed for their excellence in Southern Florida real estate. They are well-equipped for large transactions, with an impressive portfolio of multi-million dollar sales. Securing the guidance and insight of a local agent will always be the most effective way to sell your home on favorable terms, so consider giving Anne and Dan a call when you are ready to list your Vero Beach property.

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