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Vero Beach Waterfront Property Options

 Vero Beach, Florida is a one-of-a-kind beachside town and a perfect place to find waterfront property. With long stretches of both oceanfront and riverfront, Vero Beach is a haven for those who want to live right on the water, as well as for investors seeking property that’ll gain value over time. The unique combination of rugged geography and exquisite luxury housing in Vero Beach makes for many great waterfront options. If you’re interested in Vero beach houses for sale, read on to see what this city’s banks and beaches have to offer.

The waterfront landscape of Vero Beach

In order to get a feel for the character of the waterfront properties available in Vero Beach, it’s important to understand the unique layout and geography of the town. If you look at a map of Vero Beach, you’ll notice that the town’s border extends across the long barrier island to the east of the mainland. Between the mainland and the barrier island is the wide Indian River Lagoon, which is the most biologically diverse estuary in North America and a natural playground for outdoor recreation. This lagoon is part of Florida’s long Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, where the water is brackish, which means that it’s a mixture of freshwater and saltwater distinct from that of the ocean. The Indian River Lagoon is a haven for wildlife, with thousands of plant and animal species calling it home.

The town’s eastern border on the far side of the barrier island is a long stretch of pristine oceanfront. This portion of the Atlantic oceanfront is part of the Treasure Coast, a historically significant stretch of coastline prized for its beauty and interspersed with parks and preserves. The riverfront consists of the area on the Indian River between the eastern border of the mainland and the western border of the barrier island. Two bridges connect the barrier island to the mainland over the Indian River at the north and south ends of the town.

In short, there are waterfront properties available on the Atlantic coast or on either bank of the Indian River Lagoon.
Photo courtesy of Anne & Dan Team

Oceanfront properties

Imagine waking up for a relaxed morning of beachcombing on your own private stretch of the sunny Vero Beach coastline. Facing the Atlantic Ocean on the easternmost border of the town, the Vero Beach oceanfront is prized for beach walking, shelling, surf fishing, and surfing. Owners of oceanfront homes here enjoy the daily spectacle of a breathtaking sunrise over the indefinite horizon of the shining Atlantic. Nothing beats ocean access, with endless fresh air just outside your front door. Living on the oceanfront provides a wonderful respite from city life, while the mainland is only a short drive away.

Riverfront properties

Like the oceanfront, Vero Beach’s riverfront is a great place to watch the sunset or go fishing, and it’s perfect for paddleboarding, water skiing, kayaking, diving, and boating. The spectacular array of wildlife in the Indian River Lagoon makes the Vero Beach riverfront a prime location to spot dolphins, manatees, and many bird species. It’s no surprise, then, that fishers, birders, and other lovers of nature and watersports flock to the riverfront. Take a guided boat tour to get up close to the phenomenal wildlife of the Indian River Lagoon, go out on your own private boat, or just watch the wild dolphins breach from the comfort of your own yard.

The winding banks of the Indian River Lagoon provide a fantastic variety of unique waterfront plots that are perfect for the luxury condos and houses that attract real estate buyers to Vero Beach. There are many different setups and formats, as well as private docking options along the river, so speak to a local realtor about the diverse possibilities of Vero Beach riverfront living.
Photo courtesy of Anne and Dan

Single-family homes on the water

Vero Beach has great single-family homes throughout, but some of the largest and most coveted are on the waterfront. Single-family estates can be found on both the ocean and the river. These waterfront properties have it all: spacious yards, beautiful neighborhoods, breathtaking views, and—best of all—easy beach access. There are both gated and ungated communities with large lots, allowing residents to enjoy wide-open, peaceful, private dwellings even within this highly sought-after area.

Single-family homes in Vero Beach are a great place to raise a family, with plenty of space for entertaining guests and enjoying outdoor recreation.

Condos on the water

For those who want to own waterfront property without having to maintain a large single-family home, Vero Beach has a variety of luxury waterfront condos. Still, you won’t find many highrises in Vero Beach, where condominium developments are restricted to five stories and under. This tendency to avoid building too high, preserves the natural beauty of the Vero Beach horizon, which is consistent with Indian River County’s slogan of “sunrises, not highrises.” It also ensures low density, reflective with low traffic patterns. Vero Beach and the surrounding communities take pride in creating a sophisticated environment without losing the charm and natural beauty of a beach town.

In Vero Beach, there are more condominiums available on the oceanfront than on the riverfront, although both options are available. Many Vero Beach condos come with private dock access, so these homes are perfect for those who love boating.

Condominiums are a great option for singles, couples, small families, and retirees who want to enjoy living in a tropical paradise without the commitment of a single-family estate.

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re looking at single-family homes or condos on the riverfront or the oceanfront, Vero Beach is a tropical paradise that’s replete with phenomenal waterfront properties. If you’re interested in learning more about Vero Beach condos and other Vero Beach houses for sale, now is the time to get in touch with a local realtor. Vero Beach realtors Anne Downey Wallace and Dan Downey are fourth-generation residents with over three decades of experience selling homes. Check out Anne and Dan’s portfolio to see the excellent luxury homes that the team has to offer. If you’re ready to get serious about acquiring your future waterfront property in Vero Beach, get in touch with the Anne & Dan Team.

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