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Why Vero Beach is the Perfect Place to Retire

Once the time comes to leave the workforce, many retirees are ready to live out their retirement in leisure. After a lifetime of saving, they are finally free to make their wildest dreams come true. For many, that means buying a luxurious home in a relaxed neighborhood.

Vero Beach, nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, has become a popular destination for retirees. With a peaceful atmosphere, welcoming community, and endless amenities, this small coastal city has everything retirees need to enjoy their retirement. Homebuyers approaching their golden years are searching for the perfect home in Vero Beach and are finding numerous desirable properties in the area. Find out just why so many homebuyers are dreaming about retirement in Vero Beach.

Relaxed lifestyle

Take a look around Vero Beach, and you will see couples relaxing on the sand, families taking a stroll around the neighborhood, or motorists going for a Sunday drive. Like the gentle rolling of the tide, life in Vero Beach moves at a slower pace. Many retirees are drawn to the area for its relaxed lifestyle and stress-free environment. After years spent working, many retirees dream of living in a pressure-free neighborhood that allows them to kick back and relax.

Vero Beach is set far enough away from both Orlando and West Palm Beach to serve as a quiet oasis for homeowners. The area maintains the feel of a sparsely-populated small city without making residents feel isolated. In a world where everyone is drifting further apart, Vero Beach has a community that comes together. Locals enjoy hours on Vero Beach’s soft sandy shoreline, swimming, fishing, or boating and taking life easy.

Plentiful real estate options

Whether you have always dreamed of owning a mansion or just want a posh condo to live out retirement, Vero Beach has the real estate for you. With a wide selection of luxury homes, Vero Beach real estate is among the most desirable in the state. Retirees can choose a home that meets their needs, whether that be a small condo, upscale townhome, or luxurious beachside estate. When looking to move to Vero Beach, retirees can rest assured that they can find their dream home.

Many of the homes in Vero Beach are made with stunning modern architecture, large windows, and spacious interiors giving them an opulent feel without the upscale price tag. Small touches of old Florida can be found here and there in Vero Beach with gorgeous small bungalows and oceanfront cottages. However, those that would rather live in luxury can choose from a selection of golf-view estates, shoreside manors, and prestigious gated communities.

Lower cost of living

Most retirees like to be mindful of their bank accounts. With the average lifespan in America on the rise and retirements lasting over 20 years for many, retirees need to be able to afford an extensive life of leisure. Just because you can afford to live in an expensive city now does not mean you will still be happy to foot the bill in 10 or 15 years. Because of that, many opt for a retirement community with a lower cost of living so they can stretch their savings as long as possible.

Many of Florida’s most prestigious retirement communities come with a substantial cost of living. However, Vero Beach boasts a luxurious lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of other areas in the state. The cost of living in Vero Beach is 3% less than the national average, allowing retirees to live comfortably throughout a lengthy retirement.

Ample ocean views

Vero Beach is ideally situated with waterfront real estate on both the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River, giving residents unmatched access to views of the tide. This quaint coastal community is defined by life on the water, and residents often spend hours by the shore splashing in the surf, boating, or soaking up the sun. The city boasts 26 miles of coastline, allowing locals to spread out by the water so Vero Beach’s sandy shores rarely feel overcrowded.

Several inlets and small islands can be found nearby and within Vero Beach’s borders, allowing for more oceanside real estate opportunities. Retirees looking to spend their retirement on the water have plentiful opportunities to purchase a stunning beach house in Vero Beach. However, even if you do not want to live right on the water, the city is small enough that a world-class beach is never far away. Even inland, the sounds of the surf and a gentle, salty breeze transform Vero Beach into the quintessential coastal community.

Endless shopping, dining, and recreation

Despite being relaxed and lowkey, Vero Beach is never sleepy. The last thing many retirees want to do is move to a community where they feel stuck with nothing to do in the surrounding area. Vero Beach makes getting out and about easy with a myriad of options in the area. This vibrant coastal community offers a bustling downtown filled with an eclectic selection of shopping boutiques and fine dining restaurants.

Golf lovers from across the state flock to Vero Beach for world-class golfing. An example of which is the stunning Vero Beach Country Club. Founded in 1924, this prestigious country club’s 18-hole golf course has been a staple of the Vero Beach community for nearly a hundred years. Numerous parks sprinkled throughout the neighborhood give Vero Beach residents ample space to get outside, go for a walk, or relax on the lawn.

Rich cultural scene

When thinking about Vero Beach, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the ocean. However, Vero Beach is also a bustling hub of life and is home to a number of renowned cultural attractions. Retirees in Vero Beach are never far away from a good time, with live performance theaters, museums, and art galleries located in town.

One of the most well-known small-town professional theaters is located in Vero Beach. Riverside Theatre hosts several critically acclaimed shows every year, making it an excellent stop for a night out. Art lovers can soak up the rich art scene in Vero Beach. Each year the one-of-a-kind event Under the Oaks comes to town. This annual art show features over 200 artists, making it the biggest fine arts festival in the area. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is open year-round and showcases over 800 permanent pieces from across the globe.

Retire in Vero Beach with the help of Anne and Dan

Vero Beach is a one-of-a-kind retirement destination. Before you start looking at homes for sale in Vero Beach, assemble a team of experienced real estate professionals who can help you along every step of the way. If you are ready to retire in Vero Beach, give Anne & Dan a call. They know Vero Beach inside and out and will be able to answer all your questions and help connect you with the perfect property.

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Anne and Dan are a true team. They split the behind-the-scenes work, but both are responsible to each and every client. Knowing the advantage they provide in being able to give both the male and female perspective, they make a point of listing and showing each Vero Beach home together, whenever possible.


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