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Things to Know about Buying a Second Home in Vero Beach, Florida

The charming town of Vero Beach, located on the east coast of Florida is perfect as a second home or investment opportunity.. Some call Vero Beach the Gateway to the Tropics in reference to its seemingly endless sun, easy access to magnificent beaches, and the glorious bougainvillea, hibiscus, and live oak trees sprinkled throughout the landscape.
Living on this Barrier Island is comparable to a permanent vacation — one reason investors and second home owners love buying second homes in Vero Beach. Let’s get into frequently asked questions and essential things to contemplate when purchasing a second home in Vero Beach.

Homes for sale in Vero Beach

In terms of home location, this prosperous town provides various options: oceanfront, waterfront, ocean access, or simply homes with water views. Architecturally speaking, the houses and condominiums in Vero Beach represent varying styles of texture and exterior designs. The many contemporary Vero Beach homes reflect the magnificence of coastal living.
While shopping homes for sale in Vero Beach, you will find mainly coastal, Mediterranean, Mid-Century Modern, West Indies, and Georgian architectural styles. There are also a selection of condominiums with ocean and river views.

FAQs about second homes in Vero Beach

How tough is it to manage a property from afar?

If you have decided to use your second home as a rental property, managing your property can pay off as you can write off several expenses:
  • Rental property deductions
  • Property taxes
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance repair
  • Property manager fees
  • Other rental-specific purchases
The numerous local management companies can make your life easy. Their team of professionals will take care of logistics while you are away. These companies offer a menu of services from minimal home care down to the smallest detail, depending on your wallet and desire.
Whether you are the landlord handling everything on your own or partner with a company to manage your property, the perks of property management are in the tax write-offs included at the end of each calendar year.

What insurance is necessary on the island?

Photo courtesy of Pexels
Windstorm insurance is a necessary part of living in this intercoastal paradise. A policy with specific coverage should insure your property against storm damage. Depending on the elevation of the home, flood insurance may be a necessity. When searching for a home it is helpful to be mindful of the flood zone. Ask your agent for that info!

How do you prepare for hurricane season?

Photo courtesy of Anne and Dan
Besides property insurance, you can outfit your luxury property in a way that protects it from major storms and cumulative erosion. Look into:
  • Hurricane shutter systems over windows and doors
  • Impact-resistant windows and sliding glass doors
  • Fiberglass doors (as opposed to wood)
  • Metal storm rated garage door
  • Metal roofing
  • Backup generator
Preparing for hurricane season includes upkeep with landscaping, general outdoor maintenance, and cleaning gutters. Remove stand-alone items that cannot be secured or held down, and schedule a spring air conditioning tune-up. When home shopping be sure to ask whether impact windows are present or shutters exist.

Primary vs Second Home in Florida???

Homeowners who purchase homes as primary residences may qualify for the homestead exemption. Consult your agent and be sure to file your application by the deadline given by the Indian River County Property Appraiser. For Vero Beach residents the homestead exemption can reduce taxable property by as much as $50,000. In return, you pay less with depreciation and lower property taxes. Keep in mind, turning the property into a vacation rental or home for lease would eliminate this benefit.

What is the community like away from the beach?

The Indian River Lagoon is home to expansive single-family estates and luxury condominiums. Residents observe a variety of native wildlife living in this region. It is not uncommon to view dolphins, manatees, tarpon, and a variety of grand, beautiful birds thriving amidst the docks and boats just outside the community homes within intercoastal waters. The Indian River Lagoon is known as the most ecologically diverse estuaries in North America.
The Vero Beach community offers a plethora of activities for the public to enjoy. Such as Downtown Friday, Sunday afternoon polo, and the Vero Beach Film Festival. Downtown Vero Beach offers art galleries, several excellent restaurants, and niche boutiques. Fun for the whole family.

Where to start when looking for a second home in Vero Beach?

Purchasing a second home in Vero Beach opens up possibilities for family vacations, laid-back staycations on extended weekends, and passive income should you lease your home as a rental property. Due to community regulations and guidelines, Vero Beach condominiums differ from other coastal cities in Florida as they are no more than five stories. Given that the area is part of a low-density, low-profile initiative, there is typically less crowding, so it’s easy to get around town. Unlike so many other Florida coastal towns!
Choosing a local realtor is the first step to owning a second home in Vero Beach. Anne Wallace and Dan Downey of Anne & Dan 32963 are a family duo who can help you purchase luxe real estate, including second homes, in Vero Beach. Dan was born and raised on the island, and the team’s hyperlocal knowledge and expertise are unmatched.
Anne and Dan love showing people this glimmering city by the water. Contact the team and find out where you might buy a second home on the Barrier Island of Vero Beach.

*Header photo courtesy of Anne and Dan

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