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Top 6 Interior Designs for Luxury Homes in Vero Beach

Vero Beach has been described as “eco-chic” with its perfect balance of green living and sophistication. Those living in this charming coastal town understand the visceral influence of being close to the aquamarine water, mossy green woods, and khaki sand. These colors, textures, and elements similarly impact local architecture and design.

When looking for interior design ideas, Vero Beach residents have some of the best designers and shops within their reach. Whether you are looking to decorate your existing home or planning the interior design of a new home, there are some exciting current trends to consider. Read on to discover the top six design trends in Vero Beach.

Inspired by nature

Incorporating one’s love for nature into the interior design may not be brand-new, but biophilia-influenced decor remains a classic way to bring elements of nature into your home. Natural materials like cork, bamboo, and live-edged woods can be used in flooring, cabinetry, or furniture. Earthy colors such as greens and soft browns create a natural palette in any room.

Leah Muller of Leah Muller Interiors understands the captivating yet relaxing draw of bringing natural elements into her design. The Vero Beach vibe is captured in her coastal modern designs using rattan, linens, and other organic fabrics, infused with neutral tones and pops of light and citrus colors.

A few well-placed nature-inspired pieces can spruce up a room and infuse it with warmth. Loggia has terrific elements like whimsical wooden, rattan, and ceramic decor. Incorporating some of these pieces into your design can fulfill your inner nature-lover. Bringing flowers, shells, and plants into your home is an inexpensive way to evoke that feeling of nature as well.

Lighting as a design element

Adding light to your home is more than just a functional endeavor. Lighting, whether artificial or natural, can change the look and mood of a room. Ambient light adds soft, indirect illumination through lamps, reflective surfaces, or natural light sources. Layering your lighting by blending ambient, functional, and accent lighting can bring a space a relaxed, soft, or moody feel.

One of Vero Beach’s top interior designers, Page Franzel of Page 2 Design, understands the importance of lighting. She makes excellent use of window treatments and lighting design in her interior design services. Her projects utilize both natural and artificial lighting to create stunning designs and spaces.

For individual lighting and mirror pieces that can provide excellent layered light, VB Home has uniquely elegant options for your home. Their gorgeous lamps, sconces, and pendant lamps can be used individually or in combination with each other to make a bold or subtle statement. Their beautiful collection of mirrors can be used to reflect the light from a lamp or a window.

Vibrant colors

When you hear the words “vibrant colors” in interior design, you might envision bright splashes of orange on the walls or lime green leafy wallpaper. However, color is not only meant for paint or walls; accessories and accents can be colorful, adding to the overall effect of the room’s design. For example, if your walls are neutral white or khaki, you can add colorful couch pillows, art, and furniture, or even paint cupboards, shelves, or alcoves with rich, vibrant colors.

Interior designers in Vero Beach recognize how dashes of bold colors can accentuate the tropical vibe of the environment. At Rod Mickley Interiors, owner and designer Rod Mickley uses art as inspiration. His interior design projects blend bold, dynamic colors and patterns with sophisticated neutral tones, bringing the colors of the coastal environment into his work.

Sayre Schwiering owns MARKET, a fabulous lifestyle boutique featuring furniture, decor, art, and many other fantastic offerings. Her philosophy of enjoying life is reflected in her boutique's fun and colorful home items. Whether you are adding interest with a colorful decorative pillow, elegant vase, or piece of furniture, or incorporating colorful art, MARKET has countless ways to embrace the vibrant color design trend.

Dash of Art Deco

Art Deco is a movement that originated in France in the early 1900s. Short for arts décoratifs, the style gained momentum in the United States and was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Though Art Deco never truly disappeared, it is trending more than ever in interior design. The rich, decadent fabrics with jewel-toned colors and bold geometric patterns can be incorporated into existing styles.

In Vero Beach coastal styles, Art Deco pieces can be used to play off the lush greenery and tropical theme of the outdoors, exuding a Hollywood-glamor aura. Emily Taft of Emily Taft Interior Design specializes in taking those elements you love, such as Art Deco styles, and integrating them into personalized designs. She is an expert at taking the patterns and colors of any style and weaving them perfectly into an overall look that evokes comfort and style.

Neutral tones

While splashes of bold colors and dynamic patterns incorporate interest and liveliness into any design, neutral colors provide warmth and a feeling of serenity. Neutral colors create a lovely canvas that contrasts those brighter colors and patterns. A new popular color for all rooms is something called greige. This blend of gray and beige exudes warmth, unlike the colder feel of classic gray.

Hazel House, a one-stop shop for interior design in Vero Beach, has elegant furniture in neutral colors and sophisticated patterns. Partnered with a colorful area rug or bold-print throw pillows, the furniture’s neutral tones can create balance and harmony in your space. Their design experts can help you choose the perfect combinations to enhance your room.


Many of the current design trends center around sustainability. Using sustainable materials, like natural wood and formaldehyde-free adhesives, is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. Many furniture and decor companies are switching to recyclable and bio-based materials with today's raw material shortages.

In sustainable design, furniture and accessories are often multifunctional. They are meant to last longer since they can adapt to different spaces. Some furnishings are easy-to-clean or even antibacterial. Functionality, health, and sustainability have become critical factors of interior design.

Refinishing antique furniture to blend into a modern space gives old pieces a second life. Trimmings Home Garden Gifts of Vero Beach has an exquisite collection of antique furniture that can be incorporated into various design styles. Along with breathing new life into old pieces, many of their accessories are made from natural materials like marble, bamboo, and ceramic.

Bottom Line

Redecorating is an exciting way to enliven any space. Using one or more current top design trends can infuse a modern feel into your home while maintaining a classic look. However, the time may come to start designing from the ground up in a new house. If you are ready to find your dream home in Vero Beach, contact Anne Wallace and Dan Downey, luxury real estate specialists of Anne & Dan 32963.

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